Frequently Asked Questions

What was the degree of difficulty editing the latest Chris Rock special which took place on 3 different continents?

submitted by Leslie from London

Hi Marty,
I think made some of the most classic videos of all time. I just wanted to know why you stopped making videos? Videos these days mostly stink. Do you ever plan to do anymore?

submitted by Joanne

Everyone tells me about how the Director of a sporting event has to tell a story. Well, I understand the concept of every game having a story but I don’t understand how the director can contribute to that story. Isn’t that mainly in the hands of the announcers? What specific things are you thinking about during the game when it comes to storytelling?

submitted by Wade, Los Angeles, CA

What’s your approach when directing someone like Robin Williams who can change a show on a dime?

submitted by Jack, Boston MA

What advice could you give to a young aspiring director?

submitted by Tim, Los Angeles CA

What’s the worst thing or biggest mistake that ever happened to you while filming a live show?

submitted by Jeanine, Boulder CO

Have you thought about doing an NBA version of “Hard Knocks” (how about “Hardwood” featuring the Celtics…a return to your roots)

submitted by Tod

I don’t think an NBA version would work nearly as well, although it is an interesting idea. There is nothing quite like the drama of final cuts around an NFL training camp. Also it is a chance to see players up close and personal without all the armour . Basketball is much more accessible.

Who was the model in The Cult video “Edie” & the shot of the strings on the corner is fantastic. Was it hard to do with all the traffic?

submitted by Tod

The actress in the Edie video was — Ian Astbury’s girlfriend I believe her name was Apolla Eschino. I have a habit of casting their girlfriends. The shot of the strings in Times Square was a little scary, but somehow we pulled it off.

I found you cause I saw you’re directing the George Lopez special. Tell him I think he’s hot!!

submitted by Olivia Santa Clarita CA

: I’ll tell him I am sure he will be happy to hear it, after all he is Latin and they are all hot!!

Hey I had heard that there was gonna be a Robin Williams special for HBO, any word on what’s gonna happen now?

submitted by Luke Boston MA

You’re going to have to wait and see, but I promise you it will be surprising and hilarious.

Were you a big fan of Twisted Sister when you were first approached to do there videos?

submitted by Alan Hollywood CA

I didn’t have a clue who they were, but Ahmet Ertegun kept pushing, so I said “okay what the hell”. The rest is history, and Dee Snider and I became friends for life

In the HBO Justin Timberlak show was it really tequila Justin was drinking to salute the troops?

submitted by Tessa Dallas TX

You bet your ass it was the real shit.

Umm how long did it take David Coverdale to get through hair and make up?

submitted by Jenny Minneapolis MN

Well we pretty much had to fix him up after every take. It was the 80’s, what else can I say.

Is Will Ferrell funny in person?

submitted by Aaron Sylmar CA

Very funny and extremely nice and cool too, one of my real favs.

What do you like about the Bengals this year since they’re the focus of hard knocks?

submitted by Kyle Cincinnati

I think that besides the obvious story lines, the reemergence of Carson Palmer, Ocho Cinco, and the new draft choice from USC who is coming into camp with a real chip on his shoulder for not being picked high in the first round are all interesting stories.

Marty, you had a chance to work with George Carlin, any interesting stories?

submitted by Claudine Venice CA

George was at my wedding and held the chuppah. He was very important and influential in both my professional and personal life. I was most proud that we were able to put the seven words you can’t say on television…on television (shit,piss,fuck,cunt,cocksucker,motherfucker, and tits.) His wife Brenda worked for me as a producer on many projects, and I loved her dearly. Unfortunately she died from cancer, and now they’re both gone.

How did you come up with and shoot the scene with Joe Perry walking off of the train tracks in “livin on the edge”

submitted by Eric from Sarasota FL

Actually Eric it was inspired by the movie Stand By Me directed by Rob Reiner. I even used the same train tracks in McCloud Ca. we used a process called introvision which is a front screen projection system. I don’t think they are around anymore, but it was very effective for the shot.