Bengals Boost HBO’s Hard Knock Ratings

The Bengals beat the Dallas Cowboys… at least in the Nielsen ratings for HBO’s “Hard Knocks” season premiere. According to Nielsen Media Research, the first episode last week drew significantly more viewers than the 2008 “Hard Knocks” premiere featuring the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals drew a 1.66 national household rating and 533,000 national household impressions, up 28% in household rating and 35% in household impressions, according to the Bengals. (I’m not sure what qualifies as an “impression,” but maybe one of you can explain.) The Bengals say the show was especially strong among men ages 25-54 (Duh!). With that demo, the show did a 1.99 rating and 383,000 impressions – up 43% in ratings, and 50% in impressions. The ratings do not include replays of the show on HBO, or on-demand viewing. The second episode airs at 10 p.m. today, and I should have my review posted by about 11:30 p.m. Story lines include brothers Carson and Jordan Palmer (and Carson’s ankle injury?); coaches evaluating the Bengals first game last Friday against the Saints; and rookie linebacker Ray Maualuga from USC. I also expect to see more about the running backs, leading up to cutting Kenny Watson. And maybe we’ll see Mike Brown run more meetings. After all, he brought them big ratings last week! More Mike, more ratings? Or will the Brown family — after all the heat about those scenes — tell HBO not to include any more footage of Brown’s personnel meetings in which the coaches look like third-graders? We’ll see tonight. And I’ll be anxious to read your comments. Many of you last week said the Mike Brown meeting provided the most insight into the Bengals operation.

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